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Automate your job site
lighting and data collection

The suite of tools you need for a safer, leaner, and greener job site.

It starts with light... and data

Collect actionable, real-time data through embedded sensors, automatically!

The 6 pillars of Loris Beacons for
greener, safer and leaner job sites

Remote Light Management

Reduce waste, lower energy consumption, and manage lighting remotely.

Progress Tracking

Capture real-time progress photos automatically.


Secure your job site using our built in motion sensors, cameras, and notification platform.


Blanket a job site in WiFi using Beacons as nodes in the Loris mesh network.

Centralized Data

Connect your teams with your data to deliver projects on time and on budget.


Get rid of wires, setup in minutes, and easily move Beacons as the job site evolves.

Startup of the year 2022

The industry sees the future in us

The Loris Team is thrilled to announce that we are one of the winners of the Construction Startup Competition organized by Cemex Ventures!
Thanks to our dedication and innovation, we are shaping the future of the construction industry.

Loris Beacons on duty

We are changing the game for jobsite management. At Loris, we're humbled by the positive feedback from our delighted clients, who have experienced the transformative power of our cutting-edge technology on dozens of jobsites, each year.

7k sq2
Covered by Loris Beacons in 2022-23

Monitoring your job site
From your pocket

With Loris Software, monitoring your job site is effortless. View live progress tracking photos, get real-time alerts, and stay connected with your job site, all from your pocket. Experience increased efficiency and security on-the-go.

As a TI contractor coming into an active Core/Shell project, these wireless lights were very useful with my initial mobilization and wall/MEP layout.
There were many scheduled power shutdowns where we would have lost days of setup and layout if I did not have these lights.

Victor L. Green
Superintendent @ Turner Construction
Salesforce Transit Center
San Francisco

They trust us

The perfect combination of
reliable hardware and intelligent software

Loris delivers improved safety, job site transparency, security, and deployable WiFi within minutes.

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How can Loris Beacons enhance
your job site?

Loris Beacon light towers deliver industrial lighting, security, WiFi and progress tracking to help reduce risk and deliver projects.

How much energy savings can I expect?
How often do you need to charge the Beacons?
How many lights do I need for my job site?
Can I use Loris Beacons in addition to my existing wired light system?
Does Loris integrate with...
Can Loris Beacons go outside?

All that data,
collected by only one device

...and the best light you have on your job site.

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