Your all-in-one
industrial data capture platform

Automatically capture 360° progress photos, get real-time notifications of security incidents, and provide WiFi to your job site.

Automated photo capture

Monitor your job site with HD 360° photos

Compare historical progress photos

Detect security threats and receive live notifications

Connected hardware

Provide a WiFi connection to your job site

Reduce wires, clutter, and slip, trip, and fall hazards

Deploy lighting in minutes

Smart Light Management

Control your light fleet remotely

Automate lighting schedules

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%

Lighting Options Compared

String Lights

Battery-powered Temp Lighting*

Battery life span

Unlimited (but plugged)

24 Hours

Up to Weeks

360° HD Camera

Embedded Security System

Remote Light Management


Intelligent Software

Accessible from any device

Advanced user management

Easy to use and deploy

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